The Montessori Method, named after its founder, an Italian physician, Maria Montessori, stresses the importance of the development of a healthy self- concept. Education, she believed, is a preparation for life, not merely a search for intellectual skills. Children have one inner aim, their self-development. Children who are able to satisfy their inner needs will move in harmony with their world, becoming well-balanced, independent adults. The Montessori method pursues the fact the young child has an “absorbent mind” and thus the environment should be prepared to develop their skills, refine their senses and equip them with knowledge of the world around them. Montessori’s philosophy and the psychological principals upon which she devised a carefully graded series of self-teaching materials are now commonly accepted and supported by current child development experts.

“I M Smart” Montessori Preschool is an environment committed to serving and respecting each individual that forms part of the school. We encourage and develop tolerance for all races, cultures and religions.

The Environment

“I M Smart” Montessori Preschool provides an environment that is specially prepared to foster satisfaction in learning by self-discovery and joy in achievement. The entire environment from furniture to the work is child friendly and protects them from unnecessary failure. As Dr. Montessori says, “Never let a child risk failure until he has a reasonable chance of success.” The environment is equipped with special materials, designed by Montessori, that are sequenced from easy to difficult. The child begins with concrete exercises, manipulating materials and gradually moves to more abstract exercises. The materials have a control of error that allows the children to correct themselves as they work. This concept of self-teaching is known as auto-education.

The Teacher / Directress

The directress observes and assists the child according to the child’s individual needs and interests. She is trained to recognise periods of readiness and demonstrate the correct use of the materials to the children. To reinforce in a positive manner, at all times she will encourage a hesitant child; at other times, she will divert a child who chooses materials beyond their ability. She protects the child’s integrity and allows the child to have freedom of choice and to make appropriate decisions – the child’s decisions are meant to reflect a sense of responsibility. The child is helped by the directress’ manner, which is firm and consistent, yet gentle and kind.

The Child

Young children are in the process of forming first impressions of their own nature and ability, of other people, and life in general – impressions that last a lifetime. To reach the highest potential possible, children must develop a healthy self-concept, wholesome attitude and values, desirable skills and habits, independence and self-reliance; the ability to adjust and to think reflectively as well as reach a sensitivity in human relationships and a curiosity and appreciation of nature and the world around them.

Pre-requisite for Admission

Enrolment is open to all children 3 months- to 6 years old. Children with physical or learning disabilities will be accepted, unless the seriousness of their situation demands specially trained staff and/or individual attention more than the norm. The school requires all relevant immunisation to be completed before enrolment and will require an update during the year. Pre-requisite for admission is the acceptance of our Code of Conduct. Please supply these with your application:

2 recent colour photos of the child.
Copy of ID of Passport for BOTH parents/guardians
Copy of birth certificate/ID or passport of the child
Copy of the child immunisation Card
Completed Enrolment Form
Completed Indemnity Form
Completed Emergency Details Form
Proof of payment of the non-refundable registration fees asdescribed in Fees Document.
Refundable deposit
Please note that proof of payment without the supporting documents does not guarantee acceptance in the school.

School Hours

School opens at 7:30 am and the work cycle begins at 8:30 am. It is in your child’s and others best interest to be punctual. School work cycle includes free play outside, ending at 12:30 pm. Half day collection is at 13:15 pm and the full day collection time is at 17:00 pm. 
Please note that this are our adjusted lockdown hours and we may extend them on demand.

What to Pack for School

Please pack a change of clothing daily. All children belongings need to be marked clearly.
Please bring blanket or a sleeping bag. These will be sent home for washing from time to time.

Kindly provide comfortable clothing that the child can open and close independently, during toilet time. Clothes should not hamper messy play so please avoid fancy clothes. Please provide a hat (not a cap) which is clearly labelled, that can be left at school for outside play as well as sunscreen – to be applied at home by the parent.

Daily Routine

8:00 – 8:30 – Breakfast
8:30 – Morning Gymnastics, Line Time, Calendar, Show and Tell, News Time and Theme presentation. – Work Cycle allows a child to develop a cycle which promote independence and concentration. The child moves around freely to where their interest, needs and abilities take them, finding work that they have been presented by the directress. It is a time where the directress may present new work and reinforces exercises which the child has not yet mastered.
10:30 – Snack time and outdoor play.
12:30 – Lunch time
13:15 – Half day collection. Story time/bed time 
14:00 – Nap time, for those children who still need and enjoy an afternoon nap. Creative arts time for those who do not nap.
16:00 – afternoon snack. Playtime. Daily outdoor play is an important part of the program that contributes both to physical and social development. Children will play outdoors daily, except on rainy or extremely cold days. On these days, they will play indoors.
17:00 – School closes.

In the toddler’s environment, the routine of the day is as predictable as the young children allow it to be. Each baby or toddler has their own routine for bottle feeding, playing, sleeping, eating, changing nappies and/or potty-training. Qualified staff is there to attend to each child’s needs of the day.


Meals at “I M Smart” are at additional cost.
We currently offer R 850 for full day care (4 meals) and R 700 for half day care ( 3 meals)

We at “I M Smart” Montessori Pre-school are passionate about healthy and nutritious food.

Breakfast will be provided and served at 8:00. Lunch will be provided and served at 12:30. Further to this, we will provide two snacks – mid morning and mid- afternoon.

Please do not pack any sweets or other treats during school time. Children have the opportunity to enjoy a few treats when a child has a birthday.

For the children that are not in the “I M Smart” meal plans:

Please bring a cooler bag with 4 meals – breakfast, snacks x 2 , lunch
Please make sure the containers are clearly marked with Breakfast/Snack 1/Lunch/Snack 2. Children will be assisted and supervised at meal and snack times. All left overs will remain in the cooler bag, as well as your marked containers and utensils. Please note, we will only warm food for children up to the age of 18 months, the older children must provide picnic lunch that doesn’t require warming.

Please do not pack any nuts as some children may be allergic without our or parent’s knowledge.

Withdrawal from “I M Smart” Montessori Preschool

Withdrawal for any reason requires one month’s written notice. Should this notice period is not given you will be liable to outstanding school fees.

Notices to leave school or change from full day to half day are NOT ACCEPTED for the month of December.

Non payment, late payment

All fees are due on or before the 1st of every month including December. Late payments ( after the 7th) will incur late charge fee of R150. Non payment and failure to reach amicable arrangement will result to your account being handled for collection. All charges ( 20% of the amount due ) will be for parents account.

Holidays and Absences

The school calendar will follow the government terms and public holidays except in the last term when school closes in the second week of December. There is no discount for holidays, absences or closures due to unforeseen circumstances. With regards to absences, unless your child is ill, they are encouraged to attend school regularly. Young children need a consistent routine for development of essential skills and to ensure a successful adjustment to the school environment.

Collection of Children

The safety and security of our children is paramount, and only duly authorized persons may fetch the children. Their names and certified copies of their IDs must be supplied with the registration forms. Authorization MUST be provided in writing.

School Equipment and Materials

A considerable amount of time, energy and money has gone into purchasing and making the equipment and materials. It is quite common and normal for children to want to take something home, so it is vitally important to return anything belonging to the school, no matter how unimportant it may appear to be. Any item from beads to blocks is important to our environment. Be assured that we will thank your little one for returning it safely.

Healthy Concerns

Children having had or displaying the following symptoms will not be allowed at school for their own health and safety as well as others.

– Diarrhea, or vomiting, or high fever 24 hours prior to the start of the school day.
– An undiagnosed rash, ringworm, pinkeye, pinworms, chickenpox, measles
– Cough or cold, hair lice
– Confirmed or suspected contact with COVID-19 infected person
– Any other infectious diseases.

If the child becomes ill during the day, he/she will be allowed to lie down and we will contact the parent to collect the child. General medication will not be administered at school, unless a regular dosage is required, by which a written consent by the parent is required. Any medication, whatsoever, should be given directly to the teacher, and not to be placed in a child’s bag for everyone’s safety!!!

Please complete the medical history form accurately that we may know of any threatening illnesses or allergies. Any accidents where vomit or blood needs to be cleaned, gloves will be used and all soiled clothing will be placed into a sealed plastic bag and sent home.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays in the Montessori environment are fun and educational. It is a wonderful introduction to the concept of time. Parents are requested to provide a photo for each year of your child’s life – from 0 to the child’s latest photo. Some information on the child will be requested from the parents on the day of their “birthday ring”. It is optional for the parents to provide muffins, pizza, popcorn, etc. on their special day. No party packs or cold drinks please.

Progress Reports

The Montessori environment allows the child to develop at their own pace. Reports can therefore not be seen as a means to measure the child’s ability, but rather be seen as a progress report. Parents will be given an oral report at the end of the 1st- and 3rd terms and a written progress report at the end of the 2nd term. A written end of year report will be given the last week in December.

Parents Participation

As a parent your input is valuable as you know your child better than anyone else. Communication is most important to ensure that your child’s school life and home life is not in opposition, but in balance. You can meet,phone, whatsapp, sms or write an e-mail or a note to us, should you have any concerns. All communication will be kept confidential.


No child or adult will hurt another in any way. No child or adult may disturb the work of another. Discipline will be conducted in a constructive and positive manner. In a situation where the children knowingly demonstrate inappropriate behaviour, they will be given the opportunity to talk about what they have done and a chance to rectify and apologise.

Daily Routines at home for the Children

For a child to enjoy and rely on routine to get their day started, try to follow a pattern daily. Start each day with a nutritious breakfast.

If the child is at a stage where they want to wash their own face and brush their own teeth and hair, allow for these wonderful steps to independence. Be sure to apply sun block! Check the school bag with your child – to make sure they have extra set of clean clothes. Please remind your child that bringing toys to school is not allowed and they can enjoy them at home. A quick and positive goodbye is encouraged. Long draw-out goodbyes cause unnecessary anguish. After school time, check your child’s school bag with them.

We believe your stay with us will have a positive effect on your little one’s life. We endeavour to create an educational, yet loving environment in which your child can discover the wonders of our natural world.

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