“I M Smart” Montessori Preschool is an environment committed to serving and respecting each individual that forms part of the school. We encourage and develop tolerance for all races, cultures and religions.

Children are grouped in babies (3 months to 18 months), toddlers (18 months to 3 years) and pre-school (3 years to 6 years) environments.

This aspires the children to work together, develops sense of responsibility in older children and motivates the younger ones to achieve.
Environment is arranged according to the main subject areas – mathematics, language, science, history, geography, music, social skills etc) and children are free to move around and work with different pieces of materials.
Children learn through all five senses, and not just through listening, watching or reading. Learning is done at own pace and per own choice of materials, resulting in motivation and self-discipline.

Montessori  Method – the 5 areas of learning

Practical Life
In the Practical life area, all familiar home activities such as sweeping, pouring, preparing foods, etc. are carried out by the children. These activities are designed to assist the child in achieving independence and confidence through meaningful activities using real life objects. These activities help develop coordination, concentration, independence, patience, grace and courtesy, care of the person and of their environment.


All the sensorial equipment encourages the child to understand, enjoy and respect their environ-ment while learning through their senses. Each piece of didactic material isolates one quality, such as colour, weight, shape, size, texture, sound, smell, taste, etc., this enables the child to grasp impressions with true understanding and gives order, purpose and structure to the child’s learning. Montessori materials all have a control of error. This allows the child freedom to correct his mistakes unaided. This auto correction technique develops perseverance, and encourages a positive self-image and attitude towards mistakes.

As the child progresses through each area at their own pace, the materials are designed to help the child move naturally towards the development of skills necessary for reading and writing. Learning to control wrist movements and perfect the pincer grip necessary for writing, occurs from the very beginning through other work. The child is introduced to reading slowly by first learning the phonetic sounds of the alphabet. This leads to building short phonetic words. Gradually, the child progresses to reading longer phonetic words, at their own pace. In all areas of the Montessori environment, the child is introduced to the different parts of speech and grammar. They learn this through participating in fun games with the Directress and other children.

The introduction to mathematics – from simple to complex and concrete to abstract – follow the same principle throughout the Montessori curriculum. The specially designed materials are so specific that the child is able work with concrete quantities and then match abstract symbols.
The various operations in mathematics are introduced in a simple and fun manner. By working with the concrete materials a solid foundation is formed for later algebraic and geometric work. The method encourages learning to be fun, interesting and presented with enthusiasm.

Culturals (and Creativity)
The vast number of subjects in the Cultural area exposes the child to various cultural subjects such as geography, history, biology, science, music and art. This exciting area is rich in learning materials to feed the child’s imagination and understanding of the world around them. By being introduced to different cultures and life styles, the child naturally learns the moral and intellectual nature of things around them, resulting in enlightenment and enjoyment of each other’s cultures. The cultural activities help the child to understand their important part of the whole system and how they belong. The art and craft as well as the music available in this area, is a natural interest for children. It is a gift for them to learn how to express themselves through any of these mediums.